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The Northwest Territories Has A No-Party System

Here are a few interesting facts about an existing political system we have in Canada – the Northwest Territories, where there is no party system.


A hallmark of politics in the Northwest Territories is that it operates as under a ‘consensus government’ system. Candidates for election to the territorial legislature do not stand as members of a political party.


The Executive Council of the Northwest Territories or cabinet consists of six Ministers and a Premier, all of which are elected by the 19 members of the Legislative Assembly.[1]


(So by CONSENSUS, they elect a Premier and the cabinet.)


The modern consensus government model is inherently non-partisan and serves effectively as a constant minority government. The legislature uses this model up to the current day; the same model of government is also used in the Legislative Assembly of Nunavut.


Listening, co-operation and respect – the foundations of how the government operates.


The Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) is committed to the principles of Open Government, demonstrated through efforts to increase openness, transparency and accountability. It is about engaging with NWT residents, so the government can take into account the concerns and views of the public in establishing priorities, developing policies and implementing programs.


87 MLAs in BC


The number of representatives in NWT is 19, and there are 22 MLAs in Nunavut.



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